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Nature, astronomy, animals and plants, scientific tips, small experiments

Science Class

Loving Tree Academy will introduce the astronomical, ocean, animals, plants, weather, human body, optical, electrical, chemical etc. natural science knowledge to cultivate children to study science and love science. Dr. David, the President of the Royal Society of chemistry in the United Kingdom Beijing Branch said that the sooner the child learns science the better. Younger children curiosity is strong. Encourage child scientific exploration, guide them analyze problems using scientific attitude can help them to establish a scientific and rigorous perspective.

Loving Tree Academy will guide the children to do their own scientific experiments. We will let the children see the results of the experiment, and then guide their analysis of the reasons. This has two major benefits: hand in the process can make their hands and brain work together and train them to carefully observe the problems and phenomena; on the other hand to do the experiment often need many people's cooperation, through such experiments can promote teamwork.


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