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pinyin, simplified Chinese, Mandarin, Chinese writing, Chinese speech.


Chinese 1

In recent years, the interest and need of learning Chinese have been increasing in U.S. society. Despite the large number of institutions that offer such content, not a lot of them actually achieved their goals. The reason is that most institutions offer Chinese character learning within the text, which leads to low efficiency of learning new Chinese characters, and potentially students’ loss of interest in the language itself. Taking the uniqueness and biological development of children, Loving Tree Academy partnered with Li Si Chen Teaching and Education Team to develop a learning material that’s specifically designed to meet the needs of learners in North America, which can help a zero-fundamental learner to achieve an above-average level in Chinese considering reading and speaking. This includes 3 textbooks, 3 readers, and 3 workbooks. Tong Meng Shi Zi helps students to learn 2000 common Chinese characters within two years, and it strengthens students’ learning via using fascinating poems and short story-based articles. During learning, this material also covers abundant traditional Chinese culture to evoke students’ learning interest and confidence.

Chinese 2

Loving Tree Academy chose 《中文》edited by Jinnan University as Chinese teaching text book。This set of books requested by Oversea Chinese Affair Office of the State Council was edited according to the actual needs and characteristics of Europe and America students. A total of 52 volumes, including "Chinese" main textbook 12, Family Workbook 24 (divided into A, B album), 12 teachers teaching reference books, "Learn Pinyin" 1, "Learning Pinyin Workbook" 2 and "Learning Pinyin Teaching Reference" 1.

These books use "Chinese Proficiency Guideline and Grammatical Syllabus", "Chinese Proficiency Vocabulary and Grade Outline of Chinese Characters" and "Modern Chinese Characters Commonly Used Form" as the reference. The words, phrases, sentences and texts were scientifically arranged. It is progressively, gradually set up a home practice to apply students' knowledge, develop students' interest in learning and inspire students to think. The purpose of teaching is to enable students to improve Mandarin listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and lay a good foundation for further learning.


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