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The founder of Loving Tree Academy, Ms. Liu was working as a Scientist in a Biotech company developing novel drugs for many years. After moving to the bay area, she founded the East Bay Bilingual Book Club. Within a few years, the kids in the book club not only expanded their choice of reading but also greatly improved the comprehensive, public expression capability and interests in reading. As a mother of two young kids, Ms. Liu showed consistent enthusiasm in education. She reads tons of education books and is good at using a variety of teaching methods to help children reaching the study target. She is especially good at science and language classes. As a university drama club president, team member of badminton, pingpang and dancing group, Ms. Liu wants to bring her optimistic and positive attitude towards life to her favorite children.


Ms. Liu taught Biology in Peking University for three years. While in graduate school in US, she worked as a teaching assistant for another three years. The enthusiasm and desire for education led her to research the existing after-school learning institutions. She used large amount of time to volunteer in many well-known after-school and elementary school and has accumulated rich experience in teaching. She found that due to lack of systematic scientific arrangements, many children's afterschool time can not be fully utilized. 


Jenny Liu


Ms. Chen graduated from Hunan Normal University, and she obtained a Master of Laws from California Western School of Law. She holds attorney licenses in both China and New York State. As a mother of two young kids, Ms. Chen started focusing her interests and energy on cultivating kids in 2016. She studied related programs such as Children Psychology, Early Childhood Education and etc.; she volunteered in AWANA Program for Children during weekends and obtained love from children in her classes. As a Chinese mom, she is passionate about teaching Chinese as a language and Chinese culture. She is a firm believer that a child can build up his/her confidence through learning the culture of his/her heritage, and the best way to learn the culture of his/her heritage is through learning the language. Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom, and Ms. Chen believes Chinese is a doorway to Asia wisdom.

Ms.Chen is committed to building a team of high-quality instructors; to organize our instructors to attend the seminars in the area of Children Psychology and teaching skills etc.; to build the bridges between our instructors and the parents of our children so that we can together raise children with high self-esteem and strong social skills.


Guolan Chen

Director of Education

Mr. Feng received his Bachelor's degree in Business in Finance from the University of Iowa and a Master of Science degree in Finance from the University of Texas at Dallas. He accumulated abundant internship experiences back in China which gave him a solid foundation of different management style experiences. As the management analyst of Loving Tree Academy,


Mr. Feng will have overall fiscal and management responsibility, ensuring that the business is financially sound and attains its planned goals. He is especially good at identifying operation issues that arise in the management of service operation, facilities planning, materials management, and operation planning and scheduling from a financial perspective. With a strong background in financial management, statistics for strategy problems, and operation management, Mr. Feng will participate actively in evaluating management efficiency.


James Feng

Financial Director

Kelly got a bachelor's degree in finance and psychology at the University of Denver, Colorado, and then she decided to continue her studies in the psychology field. Due to the love of children, she gave up a number of business school offers, chose to study at the University of Texas at Dallas, and eventually achieved a master's degree in human development and early childhood disorders. This teaching experience has helped her accumulate a diversity of language teaching experience. She found that children learn the language much faster than adults, and children have their own set of memorizing methods. So she created her own teaching methods and helped children learn Chinese in the process of doing more with less. In addition, Kelly began to practice piano when she was three and this helped her lay a great music foundation. She has been trained in professional vocal music, during the phase of teaching in Yunnan for three months, Kelly presents as the junior music teacher and English teacher.


Kelly Wang

Educational Administrator

Mr. Luo got a bachelor’s degree in elementary education at the University of Iowa, Iowa. Growing up in Shanghai, China, Mr. Luo was heavily impacted by his parents whom both used to be Chinese literacy educators, and the family atmosphere made him feel fascinated in the field of education. During his college years, Mr. Luo attended practicums that included literacy, math, science, and whole-class instruction. He also spent over a year in a kindergarten classroom as a tutor and volunteer, which made him realize the importance of having a right start at a young age even more. Mr. Luo did appreciate how the standard American education allowed students to be themselves and build up interpersonal skills, and he also believed that “Practice makes perfect” and he was really into guiding students to make a real-world application based on the knowledge they learned. Mr. Luo believes every single student is and will be different, and his teaching philosophy is to be fair, friendly, and have high expectations for each student. Every child has special gifts, and it’s the teacher’s job to discover, activate, and maximize these amazing potentials. 


Sebastian Luo

Curriculum Specialist


Vicky Li received dual degrees in English Language and Air Transportation in China, then gained a master’s degree in Education at the University of San Francisco. Born in a family of educators, Vicky decided to dedicate her life to education early when she was an undergraduate student. Now she already has ten years’ experience in teaching. Her teaching experience includes instructing high school English and ICAO English in China and teaching Chinese, English and math in the US. Vicky always loves being with kids, especially after she became a mother. She understands kids and treats every kid as her own with patience and a warm heart.


In language teaching, Vicky pursues a combination of language teaching theories and methods she’s learned during graduate study and Loving Tree’s teaching approaches to achieve better teaching progress and results. In math teaching, her goal is to let every student feel that math is interesting, charming and enjoyable. Thus, she prefers student-centered class where students themselves attempt to comprehend, think and finally solve problems with her guidance. By this way, students become real participants in class with growing interest and passion for exploring math. In the past years of Math Kangaroo Competition, Vicky’s team attained gratifying achievements. Several students received gold medals and silver medals.

Vicky Li


Zhengxia Yi obtained a master's degree from San Jose State University. She has more than two years of experience as a math tutor and grader. She has been loved by students for her rich and childlike math courses for a long time. She has her own unique experience in data management and integration.  In the process of getting involved in mathematics teaching, She is good at capturing the difficulties and mistakes in mathematics topics, combining textbooks and practical knowledge to help students solve problems in a short time, guiding students to master the principle of solving problems by drawing inferences from one case quickly and effectively. Ms. Yi is committed to letting children learn something in a relaxed and lively classroom atmosphere, helping children build good self-confidence, know how to learn independently, and constantly stimulate children's infinite enthusiasm for learning. Ms. Yi also firmly believes that "things are different, and people have their own strengths". It is necessary to respect every student, and on the basis of common education, try to give full show and cultivate the strengths of every child, create talents, and improve students' personal value.


Zhengxia Yi

Financial Analyst

Curriculum Specialist

Ziqing Song, graduated from University of Florida, majoring in Bilingual Education-Curriculum and Instruction, and got the CTCSOL at the same time. She has two years of English teaching experience in China and has taught Chinese as a foreign language for one year. From her perspective, learning a language is not emphasis on how many characters and words can be write, or how wonderful the grammar is, but to be able to use this language to communicate and solve problems, as well as to be interested in the culture and spirit behind the language. For each student, she is willing to learn about their family, learning and cultural background, and is committed to helping them develop their initial self-recognition and build their identity in class, to give students a sense of belonging and security. She is good at observing the kindness and other advantages of students from their daily life, and always offers her affirmation and encouragement generously. She believes that any excellence of children needs to be discovered and recognized. She has been committed to cultivating children's awareness and ability of self-discipline, so that they can experience the joy of learning in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.


Ziqing Song

After graduating from Nanjing University, Yijing chose to go to a graduate school in California for further studies and has been awarded full scholarships. Since 2014, she has been actively participating in volunteer activities in both schools and the community, such as organizing fundraisers for children who are struggling with hunger and collecting books and other materials for the children who need help. In graduate school, Yijing used to be a part-time Chinese and gym teacher in different after schools. After obtaining a master's degree in Statistics, she still keeps a passion for children and education. So she quit a top-level finance and insurance company in the United States, and she spent a lot of time and energy in the Loving Tree Academy to help children become more interested in learning Chinese. At the same time, Yijing has a deep foundation in dance, and she has been the president of Nanjing Scarlett Dance Company for three consecutive years. She is good at breaking down each dance step and imparting it to the children in children's preferred language, making it easier for children to understand and memorize. Even though she started teaching in Loving Tree Academy for just a few months, she has become good friends with many of the children.

​Yijing Wu



Ms. Ningsheng Yu received her Bachelor’s Degree majoring in Chinese from Changchun Normal University and received her Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Macau University of Science and Technology. Ms. Yu used to be a Chinese teacher in middle school. She has developed her own creative way to teach students, and she was very good at communicating with them. By playing games and communicating often, students were easy to remember and apply the knowledge. Ms. Yu soon became one of the most popular teachers at school.

     Starting from 2009, Ms. Yu entered the field of Psychological counseling. In 2011, she became a National Second-level Psychological counselor in China. Ms. Yu also participated in the training of Youth Sunday School for 2 years from 2009 to 2011. Beginning in 2011, she participated in the Marriage and Family Therapy Program at the Graduate School of Psychology at George Fox University in the United States. She completed 30-course studies, including marriage counseling, parent-child education, child development psychology, and games therapy.

Ms. Yu loves every child. She is willing to understand children. She can well balance discipline and praise. She not only pays attention to the study of knowledge but also helps children establish good character and good habits.


Ningsheng Yu


Gong Zhang


Ms. Grace Zhang received her Bachelor's Degree from Zhejiang University with a major in journalism and her Ph.D. from the Institute of Journalism and Communication at Zhejiang University. She has worked in Zhejiang Youth Daily, Zhejiang Daily, Zhejiang TV Station, China Xinhua News Agency for many years. She used to be a workaholic until her child was born. For the first time, she realized that she loves children so much, and for the first time, she found the importance and significance of early childhood education. In order to be a good mother, she used her spare time to learn the course of Children’s Psychology, Preschool Education, and Early Childhood Autism Intervention and successfully graduated.

     Incorporating infinite energy and happiness with her children, Ms. Zhang finally decided to change her original career plan and join the big family of Loving Tree Academy. She is patient, gentle, careful, and most importantly, responsible. She loves all the children as she loves her own child, and she hopes to accompany these children to grow up happily and healthily. In addition to teaching children the basic knowledge of the books, she also hopes to pass on more positive energy to the children and cultivate their correct attitudes and methods for things. Ms. Zhang believes that every child is a unique seed. They are born out of the desire for life. They have their own thoughts, their own independent personality, and soul, as well as unlimited potential and hope. Ms. Zhang wished to learn and grow together with the children of Loving Tree Academy!


Joyce received her Master of Science degree in Material Chemistry in France. Besides Chinese, she is proficient in English and French. She has a lot of passion for teaching and loves spending time with her students. She teaches her students to be problem solvers by giving them enough space and encouraging creative play. Joyce also loves and is good at music. She believes it’s better to motivate them to learn knowledge in a happy and lively environment. Her teaching philosophy is firmly grounded in teaching each student well in accordance with their aptitude. As a teacher, she takes a big responsibility of cultivating her students to help shape their lives, to help them discover they are important as individuals.


Joyce Lin

Administrative Director

 Ms Susan graduated from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, and pursued her career in the fields of human resources management and education in Shenzhen and the U.S.. These experiences help Ms Susan pay more attention to develop the communication and expression skills, to improve the thinking and problem solving abilities of the students. Ms Susan really enjoy getting along with children, participating and helping them grow up mentally and physically, encouraging them to overcome different challenges. Ms Susan love seeing kids smiling faces with confidence, and listening to their experiences and feelings. Loving Tree Academy creates a learning environment filled with love, caring and family-like atmosphere. Ms Susan respect and appreciate every child, and accompany them with love, patience and confidence. Also, Ms Susan like to help the children build self-confidence with encouragement and love. In the current Chinese language teaching, she keep tailoring the ways of teaching to cultivate the children's self-awareness and self-recognition. Ms Susan like to make learning fun using games in the classroom and it pays off with better learning results. During classes, she like to interact with children to develop their thinking skills and to encourage them to express themselves. Helping them to become an independent thinker and teamplayer is alway one of her focuses.


Susan Tong


Zhou Xiaobo graduated from the Foreign Language Department of Zhejiang Normal University and the Foreign Language Department of Zhejiang University. She had been a senior high school English teacher in a key middle school in Zhejiang Province of China for 10 years. And taught in the off campus college entrance examination review class. Led lots of students to participate in China's college entrance examination and achieved excellent results. As a qualified teacher,she loves education and has rich teaching experience .After coming to the United States, she joined the Loving Tree Academy teacher team and became a Chinese teacher. Her teaching characteristics: patient ,meticulous, steady  and teaching in fun,such as teaching students to sing, making up word puzzles, asking students to guess the new words they have just learned, and organizing students to perform the text in the form of drama, etc.


Xiaobo Zhou


Ms. Janet, graduated from the Extension Education Department of the Chinese Culture University with qualifications to teach Chinese and American languages. She worked at the hospital attached to the Medical College of National Taiwan University and received a master's degree in nursing. Her years of experience in health care have made her loving and patient with children, watching over them like an angel. When it comes to teaching, Ms. Janet also has her secret magic trick - teaching and learning with fun. Activities and games are often more engaging for children, especially for those who are at the beginning of their language learning. She will use teaching aids and activities to stimulate children's interest and motivation to learn, so that they can enter the lessons happily and positively. She designs a variety of teaching activities and uses various teaching aids flexibly for Chinese language teaching, so that students can get familiar with word circles, practice oral language, and repeat drills. This makes the Chinese curriculum more lively and interesting, and helps children learn to absorb knowledge more easily and quickly. As Tzu said, those who know are better than those who are good, and those who are good are better than those who are happy. Only when children "enjoy themselves" can they continue to learn.


Janet Li


Ms. Zheng has been engaged in education and teaching for 25 years and has accumulated a lot of valuable experience in teaching. She was the head of the math grade group and the class teacher during her work. The class she led was awarded as an excellent class group for many years, and at the same time, Ms. Zheng also won the honorable title of an excellent teacher and excellent class teacher. In teaching, Ms. Zheng adopts teaching methods that strive to be visual, vivid, lively, and entertaining. She adopts various teaching methods according to students' ages, characteristics, and levels. She teaches students according to their aptitude, improving their interest in learning and achieving good results, training 90% of students to enter critical schools. After coming to the U.S., Ms. Zheng continued her teaching career and has taught Chinese, mental arithmetic, and math at several Chinese schools. Three students won second place in the World Elementary and Middle School Essay Contest, and she won the Outstanding Teacher Mentoring Award. Nearly 1,000 students have received awards and certificates at different levels of the national and world mental math competitions. One Kindergarten student won the championship of the 2021 World Mental Arithmetic and Olympic Competition. Parents have received Ms. Zheng's work well, and she has received a plaque and certificate of excellence from the Northern California Association of Chinese Schools.

​Ping Zheng


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Lydia is currently in her second year of a Master's degree in TESOL at the University of San Francisco and has a Master's degree in Education Economics and Management from Shanghai University of Technology, where she has persistently explored and practiced in the field of pedagogy. She believes that learning a new language is not only about learning the language itself but also about the culture and stories behind the language, both of which complement each other; interesting cultural and historical stories will significantly enhance children's interest in learning. In addition, Lydia believes that education is not only about giving and giving but also about getting. She can gain different knowledge and perspectives from her students, and seeing their progress and recognition is great happiness. As a graduate student and practitioner in the field of education, she has worked in different schools and institutions as a teacher of different age groups, such as lower and upper grades, and her student evaluations at the end of the semester are always full marks. Lydia is also a lover of life; in her spare time, she enjoys playing the piano, singing, and spending time with her family and friends.


Xiaoli Lu


Yiping Cai, a senior secondary school teacher, graduated from Capital Normal University in 1994, majoring in chemistry. He has been engaged in education and teaching for twenty-seven years and is passionate about education. She has worked as a chemistry teacher in Beijing Thirty-Five Middle School, head of the junior chemistry group, and grade leader. As a chemistry teacher, she has solid teaching professional basic skills, continuous learning, courageous practice, and remarkable teaching achievements. As a class teacher, she has a strong sense of responsibility and love and always respects each student's individuality. She believes that while she strives to improve her teaching skills, she can make the children learn Chinese more quickly and enjoyably, appreciate Chinese culture, to live up to the trust of the students and parents.

WeChat Image_20220811093538.jpg

Yiping Cai


Ms. Zhong Wanxia, graduated from the Minzu University, with a minor in Education and Educational Psychology. She is a former distinguished teacher at Beijing Haidian Juren School and a young outstanding teacher. Ms. Zhong grew up in an education-oriented family and was deeply influenced by her father and uncles since childhood. After graduation, she worked in education in Beijing Haidian and has continued to work in Chinese language education since coming to the United States. With a solid professional foundation and more than ten years of Chinese teaching experience, she has a unique teaching style in courses such as Chinese for beginners, Chinese culture, traditional Chinese poetry appreciation, and writing guidance. She emphasizes the interesting aspects while also providing comprehensive and meticulous explanations of knowledge points that are easy to understand, and is deeply loved by students and parents. While teaching language, she also cultivates students' thinking ability and respects their individual development. As a Chinese teacher and a mother who loves Chinese language and children, Ms. Zhong has been committed to making children learn Chinese easily and happily, gain knowledge and apply it, and not only master Chinese language but also systematically understand Chinese culture, and cultivate a broad perspective for cross-cultural communication.

WeChat Image_20230511161425.jpg

Wanxia Zhong


Jinni Lin graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a master's degree in Creative and Innovative Education. She also graduated from Oregon State University with a  Bachelor's degree in Education and a minor in Child Psychology. She combines curriculum design and instruction for children's hearts and minds with Education. She believes that Education is not only about making children learn new things but also about making them feel good about learning. She also believes that every student has a talent, but that talent is in a different area, like language, drawing, or math. It is rewarding to find out what students are gifted at and help them find their goals. As an educator, Ms. Lin thinks every child is unique and has a special ability to explore learning and that guided learning can often help stimulate that ability. Always remember, "It's okay to make mistakes!!"

WeChat Image_20220811093546.jpg

Jinni Lin


Ms. Yi Fang graduated from Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University Jiyang College with a Bachelor's degree in Visual Communication Design and has worked in design in China for many years. She received her Master's degree in TESOL Education from the University of San Francisco in the United States. During her study abroad, Ms. Fang worked as a Chinese teaching assistant in the Chinese group at the University of San Francisco and as a Chinese teacher in summer camps and afterschool of different schools and organizations. She has interacted with many students of different ages and Chinese language levels. Since Ms. Fang is also a language learner, she agrees that no matter what, interest is the best teacher, and doing what interests you will get twice the result with half the effort. Therefore, she reflects and adjusts her teaching style according to the student's learning situation in the classroom so that the children can learn happily and get something out of it. In addition, Ms. Fang respects that each child is an individual and has his or her strengths and that, as a teacher, she should help each child develop his or her strengths through scientific observation and environmental support.


​Yi Fang


Xiaopeng Wei Graduated from the Department of Fine Arts Education, Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, China. 

She worked as an art teacher in Beijing most famous art center:Central Academy of Fine Arts' Golden Sun Art Training Center for years.

She have five years of experience teaching children's art and online Chinese in the United States.

She respect every child and appreciate their creativity and imagination. She likes to inspire children’s curiosity and encourages the to explore new things. She wants to create an immersive Chinese learning environment in the classroom.


Xiaopeng Wei


Ms. Ting graduated from Shanghai International Studies University in 2016 with a Doctor of Law degree. Following her graduation, she continued her journey at the College of International Chinese Studies, where she dedicated herself to teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Upon relocating to the United States, she worker as a Chinese teacher in a San Francisco public school for two years. Known for her lively teaching style, Ms. Ting skillfully integrates poetry into lower-grade courses, enhancing classroom engagement. As a mother of two lovingly children, she adeptly connects with young learners, demonstrating both love and patience towards her students.


Xueting Shao


Zhang Hong graduated from Heilongjiang University with a bachelor's degree in Chinese and Harbin Normal University with a doctorate in Chinese language and literature. Mr. Zhang has been working in the education business for over 30 years and is well-liked by children of all ages. Mr. Zhang has tutored AP Chinese classes, and 85% of his students have received perfect scores. Ms. Zhang's educational mission is to teach overseas students about the profundity of traditional Chinese culture through studying the Chinese language.
Ms. Zhang is a rigorous yet lively teacher who wants children to learn about Chinese culture and appreciate the beauty of Chinese characters and language. Ms. Zhang adopts a flexible approach to teaching according to different children's personalities to help each child improve.


Hong Zhang


Yvonne was born and raised in an educational family and was inspired to become an outstanding educator. After coming to the United States, she has been engaged in the field of education for over a decade, teaching in after-school programs and various Chinese weekend schools. She has also been continuously pursuing further education in early childhood education and early childhood education management. In her teaching approach, Teacher Zhao combines the educational methods from both China and the United States. She learns from other teachers' experiences while daring to innovate, ultimately developing a unique teaching model. Particularly in teaching abacus mental arithmetic, she provides personalized guidance to each student, considering their age and skill level, ensuring that they make progress every day. Through her dedication and the students' hard work, many students have obtained level certificates and achieved excellent results in national abacus mental arithmetic exams.

Regarding Chinese language instruction, Teacher Zhao uses children's songs and rhymes to reinforce the Chinese knowledge that students have learned, receiving unanimous praise from parents.

WeChat Image_20220811093458_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Yvonne Zhao


Ms. Yi received her bachelor's degree in Child-Development from San Jose State University and will receive her master's degree in Child-Development from San Jose State University in May 2023. Ms. Yi grew up in a family of educationalists (her grandparents and parents are engaged in the education field). Ms. Yi worked as a reading tutor in an Elementary school during her undergraduate study. After graduation, she worked as an 2nd grade English teacher in China. Ms. Yi is full of love, responsibility, kindness, patience, and politeness. Ms. Yi believes education needs love, and also to cultivate love. Miss. Yi encourages students to take the initiative to participate in various activities. She creates a happy atmosphere and encourage students in all-round development.


Zaozao Yi

Curriculum Specialist

Wendy received her bachelor’s degree from UCLA in the department of Linguistics, and she could bilingually teach with Mandarin and English. She has a true passion for working with young leaners. She prefers educating students in accordance with their aptitude and natural abilities, and she honors every positive progress and attitude in the student’s learning. Encouragement and accompaniment are her powerful strategies to earn students’ trusts and likes. She contributes to build an active and equity classroom with friendly and lovely classroom orders. Students with her support and patience could effectively learn knowledge with good attitudes and critical thinking skills.


Yi Wang


Mr.Hu graduated from Nyack College in New York, music major, vocal performance, he has been attending in many performances inside and outside of the school, participating in many choirs and musical, and received many awards. He has also been a student tutor at school, and teaching instrument, voice and music theory, and from his education and experience, he focuses on invigorating the thoughts of children and building their ability of expressing themselves.


​Yunjia Hu


Ms. Siyuan graduated from Wuhan University with a degree in Information Management. She studied Early Childhood Education in the United States and received her Child Development Associate Teacher Permit from the CTC. She is passionate about teaching Chinese and holds an International Chinese Language Teacher Certificate certified by the Center for Chinese and Foreign Language Exchange and Cooperation of the Ministry of Education in China. She believes that it is essential for children to develop initiative and good learning habits in the learning process. She advocates a fun and educational teaching style and hopes to inspire children's enthusiasm for learning through fun games so they can learn Chinese happily. At the same time, she believes that every child is unique, and teachers should respect the development of children's individuality, be good at observing and capturing their strengths, and teach them according to their abilities. She is cheerful, has a wide range of hobbies, likes to play piano and swim, and is happy to make friends with children.

WechatIMG32 1.jpeg



Ms. Liang, graduated from Tianjin University majoring in management engineering, has been engaged in enterprise management in Shenzhen for more than 20 years, and also served in the Children and Youth Growth Program of Shenzhen Charity Foundation for more than 10 years, focusing on children's mental health and studying child psychology. Involved in Lions Clubs of America, she broadcasts and transmits the concept of charity and the spirit of service, often serving schools, communities and churches. Ms. Liang taught the second grade class at Chunyu last semester, and worked conscientiously and responsibly, and was deeply loved by the children.


​Linjian Liang


Zhou Jing graduated from Huazhong Normal University majoring in Education, works as a language teacher and class teacher in Wuhan Experimental Primary School, with the title of senior elementary school teacher. During her fourteen years of teaching career, she has been awarded the first prize of the urban-level class competition, excellent class teacher at the urban level, published articles in teaching magazines, participated in the preparation of E-Teaching Edition textbooks and various elementary school language teaching aids, and participated in the preparation and marking of questions for the domestic elementary school unified examination for many times. She has been in charge of language teaching for five years, and often gives speeches, demonstration lessons and serves as a judge in all kinds of language teaching and research activities at all levels. She is a member of the National Primary Language Association.

     Ms. Zhou has strong language skills and is good at using children's language to communicate with students. She is able to teach language courses in a lively manner and attract students to concentrate on listening. She is good at using language to motivate students to make progress and encourage them to overcome difficulties and fall in love with language learning. Ms. Zhou has an outgoing and affable personality and is well liked by her students. She is especially good at organizing classroom discipline, enabling every child to concentrate on listening, speak actively and participate in learning activities, so that no child will be left behind. The students in Ms. Zhou's class have good study habits and good classroom organization and discipline. Ms. Zhou is good at grasping students' psychology, and can teach them according to their abilities. She finds every child's progress and flashpoints in time, and praises them a lot, so that every student can be happy in learning.

Jing Zhou


Zhiyuan Yang holds a Bachelor's degree from Xi'an International Studies University and a Master of Science in Education from Johns Hopkins University. Having obtained both a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate from the United States and a high school English teacher’s qualification license in China, Ms. Yang specialized in bilingual teaching and heritage language maintenance throughout her academic pursuits, harnessing innovative game-based teaching strategies to create engaging and interactive bilingual classrooms.

A pivotal stage in her career development was her internship at the Greenspring Montessori School in Maryland. During her time there, she gained a deep appreciation for Montessori education principles, emphasizing the value of self-directed learning and advocating for inspiring students' passion for exploring the world to achieve educational objectives. She does not endorse “one size fits all”, recognizing every student's unique needs and potentials and promoting tailored educational approaches to cater to diverse backgrounds and learning styles.

Ms. Yang is driven by a profound understanding of the importance of cultivating leadership qualities. She firmly asserts that education is not solely about transmitting knowledge but also about shaping character. Her educational mission is centered on nurturing global citizens with a sense of social responsibility, achieved through the provision of inclusive, high-quality education to drive the forces of social justice, equity, and sustainability.


Zhiyuan Yang

Curriculum Specialist

WeChat Image_20231108161616_edited.jpg

Chen Yan, Shanghai Normal University, master's degree in Chinese language and literature, professional direction textbook comparison and research. He has a senior Chinese teacher qualification certificate, a second-class Putonghua second-class certificate, and has rich experience as a front-line teacher. He has served as a Chinese teacher and head teacher in a key middle school in Shanghai for a long time. He is especially good at the guidance and teaching of composition, and is a composition teacher in the college entrance examination. The instructor of the Shanghai Excellent Ancient Poetry Competition, the students have won the first prize in the competition many times. He has a senior teacher qualification certificate for teaching Chinese as a foreign language. He has been teaching Chinese as a foreign language at Donghua University for a long time. He is familiar with the hsk Chinese proficiency test (full name: Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, referred to as HSK), which is developed and implemented by the National Hanban of China. It is an international Chinese. Standardized examination of language proficiency.

Yan Chen



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