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About Us

Loving Tree Academy® is committed to providing the highest quality of children’s program in a home-like environment filled with love, caring, and nurturing. We pledge to work together with our families to promote the welfare and self-esteem of each child. Because we believe each child is unique, our programs help cultivate the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development of each individual while responding to the needs of the family. 

Loving Tree Academy believes scientific management of three hours of after-school time can help students make great progress in learning attitude, academic achievement and independent thinking and problem-solving skills, etc. Our trained staff will provide personal attention to your child’s needs, guide and encourage your child to achieve their goals in a friendly and warm environment. Through various special programs, your child will grow and learn every day.

As a tutoring center, we have an important role in building a strong foundation for children’s future school success. We have the wonderful opportunity and the important responsibility to teach and nurture our community’s children.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help children develop understanding and expression, thinking and problem-solving skills and interests necessary to be successful learners, readers, and writers through Chinese, mathematics, science, crafts, sports, music, public speech and other rich unique curriculum.


Loving Tree Academy focus on Chinese teaching, where children will fluently using Chinese from listening, speaking, reading and writing four aspects. We will embed Chinese history, literature, customs, traditions and other Chinese culture into daily routine activities. Our dedicated teachers create a classroom structure that promote positive interaction between students and teachers. We encourage our children to make active and creative explorers, not afraid to try and think about their own ideas. 

Loving Tree Academy offers Chinese lessons twice per week and daily review of Chinese. Every year, we will hold multiple events such as "Moon Festival Poetry Reading Competition", "Chinese Spring Festival Carnival", "Chinese Speech Contest" and the "Art Exhibition" etc. Through these activities, students not only to show their talent and wisdom, but also enhance their communicating skills and self-confidence.

Our Philosophy

"Good Rain knows the time, and so comes in spring. It falls stealthily at night with the wind, and soaks everything noiselessly." This famous Chinese poem illustrates our philosophy behind creative curriculum which is to help children become self-confident, independent, enthusiastic learners in a well organized environment and in soft and caring manner. We will immerse the Chinese culture into our daily curriculum, helps students to understand their ethnic roots.


Loving Tree Academy help to improve our students' academic achievements, promote the Chinese culture, provide students with a safe and quality learning environment and provide the convenience for parents. The school will participate various community cultural activities, help to spread and promote the Chinese culture in this multicultural country.

Child Safety

 The Loving Tree Academy staff believes that its primary purpose is to educate each student to the highest possible level of academic achievement by providing an appropriate curriculum in a safe, healthy environment. We are committed to helping students grow emotionally and develop social skills. Our staff are carefully selected with years of experience and strong sense of responsibility.

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