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basic concepts and operations, word problems, Olympic math, logical thinking

Math Class

Loving Tree Academy uses mathematics textbooks from Singapore. Since the mid-1990s, the Mathematics Education in Singapore attracted world attention due to the students' outstanding performance in the Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS). Singapore mathematics curriculum and textbook quality is esteemed internationally.

Many scholars even encourage American schools to adopt Singapore math textbooks, especially in elementary schools to improve the quality of math teaching in the United States. For example, Professor Sagher in the University of Illinois thinks that the Singapore mathematics textbook has trained student's mathematics ability and enable teacher instructing students to solve more challenging problems. In 2001, more than 140 schools in US use Singapore's math textbooks. US Ministry of Education also conducted a two year research to inspect whether this textbook could enhance the American student's academic result. In addition, India, Finland, Israel etc. near ten countries also use Singapore's math textbook as teaching material. In 1997 the Singapore Ministry of Education proposed “Thinking Schools, Learning Nation" objective. The Singapore Elementary and middle schools mathematics program has manifested this idea. " The training of thinking skill must integrate mathematics concept with daily problem solving. Let the student describe, use and explain the thinking procedures."


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