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Writing Class

Ms. Jia has taught as the lead teacher in diverse and highly rated settings in the Bay Area; summer camps, private & public schools, and tutoring centers for the past 5 years. She has worked with children from preschool through high school for the past decade and more. Currently, she is a 6th grade teacher and a writing tutor for students as far away as Beijing and South Korea. She believes that a little bit of humor can go a long way in engaging students and inviting me into class discussions. She loves to get to know the students individually so that they feel confident enough to participate even if they are usually shy. Writing and reading goes hand in hand, a stronger writer leads to a strong reader, and vice versa. Both reading and writing skills are paramount to being successful in any grade level. In addition to the significance of both skills, they also both require dedicated practice in order to show improvement as each subject is composed of many different know-hows such as background knowledge, grammar, vocabulary, and etc. A fun writing class is a perfect way to continue to build these necessary skills! 


  • How to use visuals to improve language;

  • How to use free verse to express emotions;

  • How to use figurative language to express ideas.

Informative Writing

  • How to turn a boring topic into a fun writing prompt;

  • How to use different sentence structures and advanced vocabulary for a sophisticated voice;

  • How to write an engaging article for a specific purpose and audience.

Creative Writing

  • How to create an unforgettable character;

  • How to use dialogue to make a story come alive;

  • How to use sensory descriptions for a specific place + time.

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