About Us


The Loving Tree Foundation is a non-profit educational organization that strives to form a cultural and educational bridge between the U.S. and China. Our mission is to promote Chinese culture and education in the United States, as well as support the local communities in where we live and work. Chinese culture has a long history, broad and profound. There have been many ancient cultures in the world, but most of them have been interrupted, unlike Chinese culture last for thousands of years. Chinese culture almost includes all aspects of life, such as clothing, food, housing and walking, from the cultivation of the morality, self-improvement personal cultural value to political system of the country. Loving Tree Foundation hope to help Asian Americans to understand their enthnic roots and strengthen their self-confidence and leadership in this multi-culture country.

What We Do

By investing foundation's resources we will create a lasting inter-connection in our communities and promote Chinese culture developments, such as support Chinese education programs, Chinese cultural events, and other related non-profit organizations.