Instructional Coordinator

Job Title:


Instructional Coordinator (Full-time)


Job Description:


Develop instructional material, coordinate educational content, and provide guidelines to teachers and staff.


The Detailed Job Responsibilities Include:


  • Develop and enrich instructional material and education content for instructors and related staff;

  • Plan and conduct teacher training programs regarding classroom procedures, instructional materials, and teaching aids;

  • Research and prepare recommendation on curricula, instructional methods, and materials for education programs;

  • Confer with administrative personnel to determine procedures and techniques to implement new academic programs;

  • Establish student assessment systems including but not limited to placement test system, achievement test system, and diagnostic test system;

  • Evaluate the performance of the teachers and staff, and propose recommendations to improve teaching skills;

  • Communicate with both parents and students to ensure that the classes and activities meet intended objectives; and

  • Communicate with community organizations and school districts to seek opportunities for program development, and follow up with activities for the programs and projects in order to ensure that they are on track to achieving the predetermined goal.


Job Requirements:


Master’s degree in TESOL, Education, Curriculum, or related field.


Job Type:




Job Location and Interview:


42712 Albrae Street, Fremont, CA 94538


How to Apply:


Please email resume to or mail resume to Loving Tree Academy LLC., at 42712 Albrae Street, Fremont, CA 94538