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Loving Tree Academy has clear educational objectives, plentiful programs, diverse teaching methods. We hope to actively cooperate with parents to help students for successful academic achievement.

About Tuition


  1. Tuition for after school is $490/month (kindergarten is $595/month), transportation fee is $120/month within 5 miles, $150/month more than 5 miles.

  2. We charge one time textbook fee $100 include 3 text books, 3 reading books and 3 practice books, total 9 books。

  3. We charge material fee $150/year.

  4. We charge tuition by year, registration fee and one month tuition need to be prepaid.

  5. We offer sibling discount,2nd kid has 10% discount,3rd kid has 20% discount.

  6. We offer referral discount, both referring family and referred family has $50 discount on the first month tuition (Parents need to inform the school who are the referring family and referred family at the time of registration. Parents can't not get the referral discount later.

  7. The transportation and material fees are not counted as tuition and can't be used as tax deduction.

  8. ​If you want to leave the school, please inform us one month in advance.






Good communication between school and parents can help parents aware of school acitivities and students' performance and better facilitate children to reach their study target.


  1. Wechat:Each grade has a Wechat group. Teachers will post homework, test and students performance in a timely manner. 

  2. Phone:Parents are welcome to discuss your personal concerns and suggestions to teachers in non-school time。

  3. Email: Major school activities will be informed through e-mail notification. Please check the message in time to learn the school's arrangements.



  1. We provide nutrious lunch for the Kindergarton kids.

  2. Kindergarton kids will be requested for nap after lunch. We will provide sleeping mat. Parents are responsible to bring pillows and blankets. We will sanitize the mat from time to time. We also suggest parents to clean pillows and blankets weekly. 

  Hours &Holidays


        Hours: Monday through Friday 11:30 am to 6:30 pm

       Holidays: Spring break, winter break and summer break open full day

      The center will close on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Friday after Thanksgiving and Christmas Day and following 3 days.